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Wayne Clements

Wayne Clements – When you think of your typical “bro”, Wayne Clements fits the bill – visually. He’s got the muscles to back up his mouth, but deep down he’s a softy. If you’re having trouble with creating a workout routine, Clements would be more than happy to help. He really is a stand-up guy.


John CleganeJohn CleganeNicknamed, “The Peninsula”, John Clegane is the guy to go to if you have any male enhancement related questions. He’s not afraid to admit that he uses male enhancement pills, because he knows how outright effective they are. If a man like Clegane can use them without shame, then so can you.

Colt PowersColt Powers – When Colt Powers isn’t dreaming of starring in 80s action movies (Come on, how can you not with that name?), he’s working on his efficiency in the gym. He’s a great guy to workout with, since he knows his stuff, as long as you’re okay with one-liners that don’t even relate to the situation. “Hey man…. You need to chill out.” Oh, Colt – never change.


Bruce RandolphBruce Randolph – Bruce is the kind of guy who is gonna let you know if your form is wrong. Now, that might seem kind of pretentious, but he’s really just lookin’ out for you.  He’s constantly trying to improve his technique, and he’ll stop at nothing until he’s perfected his workouts.


Ron SwinsonRon Swinson – Ron Swinson is the man of mans. He’s the man that every man wants to be. Fully bearded and jacked to the extreme, Swinson could probably rip a tree trunk out of the ground if he really tried. If there was a battle between Swinson and a sabretooth tiger, we’d probably bet on Swinson. He’s the kind of guy that respects nature for what it is, so he only uses all-natural workout supplements.

Nick KoneliNick Koneli – Koneli understands the importance of cardio, and he doesn’t keep quiet about it. When he’s not sprinting, he’s running. When he’s not running, he’s jogging. When he’s not jogging, he’s walking at a brisk pace. It’s incredibly hard to keep up with Mr. Koneli, but he swears by his routine, and once you can get on Koneli’s level, well, that’s how you know you’ve made it to the top.