Explosive Muscle

Maximize Your Muscle Mass

explosive muscleExplosive Muscle – It is easy to get excited about lifting when your body is growing fast. But, eventually, you hit a plateau. There is only so much you can do changing your diet and your routine. Even if it helps, it merely provides a steady, but slow pace of muscle gain. If you want that same rush and surging growth like in the beginning, you need a boost of Nitric Oxide, with Explosive Muscle.

If you are looking to accelerate growth, this Explosive Muscle Review has provided a detailed report on the solution. Get massive gains like never before with the incredible muscle building power of nitric oxide. Try the Explosive Muscle Free Trial now to begin your journey toward your best body.


How Does Explosive Muscle Work?

The Explosive Muscle supplement is a proprietary, triple action nitric oxide and nano delivery matrix. This powerful blend of amino acids, vitamins and minerals are on the brink of innovative, cutting edge muscle building science. It helps explode your synthesis of Nitric Oxide.

What is nitric oxide? This molecule is produce naturally in your body. It causes the dilation of vascular tissue to help skyrocket blood flow. This maximizes your power, endurance and recovery. Together with other key ingredients that pump up testosterone and insulin, Nitric Oxide can give you a powerful boost to your athletic performance and muscle gain.

Explosive Muscle Benefits Include:

  • Preserve Muscle And Improve Gains
  • Maximize Blood Flow & Recovery
  • Increase Testosterone & Nitric Oxide
  • Boost Muscle Power And Endurance
  • Surge With Sexual Power & Stamina

The Explosive Muscle Ingredients

A-AKG | Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate is an amino acid salt. It is designed to boost lean muscle mass and supports the increase in energy, stamina and endurance.

A-HCL | Arginine Hydrochloride helps increase the blood flow and oxygen delivery in the body by expanding the vascular tissue. This is beneficial to improving performance in the bedroom and the gym.

A-KIC | Alpha Ketoisocaproic is an amino acid that helps in the preservation of muscle, skeletal muscle tissue growth and also reduces dmage. It is benefits in enhance high intensity exercise performance.

L-CITRULLINE | This non-essential amion acid is important for ridding the body of toxins. This helps improve the overall vitality of the body and aids in muscle growth.

explosive muscle free trialIs Explosive Muscle Safe?

This formula is made with all natural ingredients. It contains no fillers, binders, chemicals or synthetic additives. Used daily, it will produce no side effects when used daily. Take this product for at least 90 days to maximize your benefits.

How To Get Explosive Muscle Free Trial

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Explosive Muscle And Testosterone Reload

Want to boost performance further? Need to gain muscle faster? You can maximize your benefits when you combine Testosterone Reload and ExpIosive Muscle together.

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